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Feifei Huang
Feifei Huang

Landscape Designer

Feifei is a native of northwest of China where her observations of a growing stress on water conservation led her to seek a career to influence positive change. This influence led her to explore the significance of landscape design that not only emphasis human requirements for a site, but also positively impacts the environmental context.

Her work focuses on determining the essence of culturally significant landscapes and sensitively integrating modern needs while maintaining their overall historic integrity. An important aspect of her designs is the inclusion of ecologically adaptive and resilience elements that protect sites, artifacts, archeological ruins, and landscapes from the risks of climate change.

She earned her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Clemson University in 2017 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Ningxia University. During her undergraduate education she participated in an international exchange program in Horticulture at Ohio State University that led her to pursue an advance degree in the U.S. While at Clemson she worked as a research assistant for Surfside Beach, SC. She also attended the Clemson Abroad program to study architecture in Genoa, Italy.

In her free time, Feifei enjoys the exercise of exploration including traveling, observing nature, experiencing the outdoors, and trying new and different world cuisines. Spanish based dishes are currently her favorite. Feifei’s inquisitive personality also enjoys furniture design where she hopes to one-day design and build her own dining furniture. She is a foodie at heart.

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