Ines Softic
Ines Softic

Architectural Designer

Ines was born in Norfolk, Virginia but raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Living in the Balkans helped her gain a keen eye for attention to detail and becoming an avid observer of her surroundings and comparing it with the American style of living. In her work, she is also interested in historic preservation as she believes there is a fine line between incorporating new and modern spaces to older historically rich ones.

While at the University of Virginia, Ines spent a semester abroad in Venice, Italy and traveled to many other cities within the country. Majority of her focus while abroad was to learn about the unique challenges from sea level rise from the impacts of climate change and to discuss what strategies could be created to alleviate them. As nature is a fundamental element of architecture, she believes designers will always have to deal with varying climates, due to the fact that we will always live in an ever-changing and live environment.

In her spare time Ines enjoys: Film photography, swimming, hiking, traveling abroad and when the season is appropriate, skiing. But most of all, she likes to spend time with friends and family doing all the above.