McDonald, Pennsylvania

Oliverio Buick Dealership

Remodel and Interior Upgrades


Bill Oliverio

40° 22’ 20.01" N 80° 13’ 31.45" W

Landmarks SGA successfully aided the Oliverio Buick dealership in implementing GM Facility Image (GMFI) Programs. Landmarks worked with the client to guide them through the GMFI Program starting from GM’s Image Consultation/Design Intent Documentation (DID) process through design, construction document preparation, DID compliance/review, permitting, and construction administration. Our intimate knowledge of the entire DID process and the exception request process meant that we were able to provide our client with the most cost-effective way to implement the GMFI Program at their dealership.

Construction Administration


The Penn Building

102 E Main Street, Suite 300

Somerset, PA 15501

T  +1.814.443.1073

F  +1.814.444.0484

Main Street Tower

300 E Main Street, Suite 1400

Norfolk, VA 23510

T  +1.757.228.1962

F  +1.814.444.0484

Jenkintown Plaza

PO Box 2386

Jenkintown, PA 19046

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F  +1.814.444.0484


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Facade Before Renovation