St. Columba Adaptive Reuse

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The Steeples Project plans to reuse the former Church of St. Columba as a theater

In 2011 1901 Church, Inc. took possession of three historic churches in Cambria City, Johnstown as part of “The Steeples Project” with the hopes of saving the historic structures and finding ways to adaptively reuse them. Landmarks SGA worked with The Steeples Project in 2013 to perform a building assessment of The Grand Halle on Broad Street (formerly the Church of Immaculate Conception) and was proud to work with the project again when they chose to investigate reuse strategies for the former Church of St. Columba. The Steeples Project hopes to reuse the building as a theater and reached out to Landmarks for assistance with this endeavor. The plan to adapt the building includes the insertion of a fully reversible bank of auditorium style seating and the preservation of the restored oil-on-canvas mural on the apse wall.


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