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Landmarks SGA's ongoing preservation work in Johnstown, PA

Updated: Apr 9

Landmarks Architect, Michael Friedhofer, evaluated the roof’s progress as copper flashing and slate are removed and replaced following historic rehabilitation guidelines.

Landmarks SGA has been working integrally with the Steeples Project for several years now, having upgraded restrooms and ADA compliant facilities as well as performing conditions assessments for two of the four churches, resulting in additional work in material preservation and rehabilitation.

The Grand Halle event space, formally known as the Immaculate Conception Church, is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. LMSGA worked closely with the client to obtain a quote for roofing work and assisted in acquiring funding to begin the process of repair and maintenance, shown above.

Mike Friedhofer, project manager, visits the Grand Halle and oversees the repair process, though he admits he does not have to visit often.

“I have only needed to visit the site twice because our contracting team works efficiently and communicates well with us. We are working with the same team on St. Columba – both structures are worth hanging onto, and this upkeep is much needed. We expect to be finished with roof repairs this fall.”


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