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Landmarks SGA’s historic preservation practice taking on the challenges of climate resiliency

Updated: Apr 9

Landmarks SGA and its parent company, SGA, Inc., is at the forefront of developing resilient design solutions that can be integrated into historic preservation and the conservation of historic neighborhoods. As the tide continues to rise, Principal Tim Stromberg, PLA, CBLP, ASLA is at the forefront of environmentally conscious design. Pairing coastal resiliency and historic resource conservation with immaculate design is the company’s niche. SGA’s office is located in downtown Norfolk, VA, a hotbed of sea level rise and serves as an excellent avenue to gain insight on climate change related knowledge and the latest mitigation and adaption technology. Projects ranging from flood mitigation in coastal communities like Norfolk, VA to rural towns filled in flash flood prone valley of Pennsylvania represent the current challenges facing the profession. The Landmarks SGA teams prove to be dynamic, innovative, and versatile. The eye of the storm continues to approach all communities around the nation as climate change impacts become more severe and seemingly more rapid, reason being the companies appreciate the need and have the specialized skills to link resiliency and historic resource conservation to preserve our important cultural legacy for future generation. In continuing to ensure state-of-the-art design, Landmarks SGA and SGA are dedicated to staying up to date on flood related technology and design while meshing the quintessential component of historic preservation for a much more sustainable future.

Click here for more information on sea level rise and the threat to historic preservation.


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