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Historic Charles Washington Hall Market

Charles Town, West Virginia

Historic Charles Washington Hall Market

Landmarks SGA served as the lead project architect and preservation consultant, along with Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates for the comprehensive restoration of the historic Charles Washington Hall. The structure is an 1874 market house and meeting hall located at the core of Charles Town's historic district. The site was dedicated in 1786 by Charles Washington, brother of George Washington and founder of Charles Town. The project included the design, engineering, permitting, and construction documentation required to construct a regional Commuter Transit Center at Charles Washington Hall, along with a regional visitor's center and the restoration of the historic second floor theater.

This project included a historical analysis which identified character-defining features and set parameters for meeting the Secretary of the Interior's Standards. Landmarks SGA was responsible for preparing the historic research, presentation plans, and specifications along with supporting documentation.

Restoration and Adaptive Reuse


City of Charles Town, West Virginia

West Virginia AIA Honor Award for Excellence in Preservation, Preservation Alliance of West Virginia Downtown Preservation Award

Adaptive Reuse, Conservation & Preservation, Sustainability & Resiliency

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