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Somerset, Pennsylvania

Somerset Trust Company

Schell House

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Conservation & Preservation, Construction Administration, Condition Assessment, Architecture


The Henry F. Schell House, now known as the “G. Henry Cook Enrichment Center,” was first built in 1872 and is currently situated in the central business and historic district of Somerset County. The center is named after the former Somerset Trust Company’s President and CEO, G. Henry Cook, who developed a deep love for historic preservation and has advocated for the preservation of historic and cultural resources for decades. This building is a historic icon located centrally in Somerset’s Uptown Historic District. The central location is critical to maintain a sense-of-place in Uptown, as the building represents a visual rendition of the community’s rich historic culture and character. Landmarks’ oversaw the architectural design for adaptive reuse as well as overseeing all of the procedures required for the project to successfully receive Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits. Rehabilitation of the building was the primary focus, but restoration of key contributing features was equally important. Signature architectural features such as the prominent front and side porches were carefully researched and restored. Key interior spaces, most notably the paneled dining room, were painstakingly restored, including replicating historic wallpaper treatments and woodwork marquetry, while also accommodating the ability to use the space as a modern meeting room. The center currently serves as an office space and as a meeting venue for community non-profit organizations.

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