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The Steeples Project

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The Steeples Project

Landmarks SGA was retained as lead preservation architect to develop Conditions Assessment Reports and feasibility studies for two historic churches in Johnstown Pennsylvania that were transferred to the non-profit 1901 Church, Inc. as part of the Archdiocese of Altoona's consolidation plan for small parishes. The Steeples Project is an initiative launched in 2011 by 1901 Church Inc. with the aim of finding, developing, and implementing adaptive reuse strategies for several deconsecrated churches in Somerset and Cambria Counties. The Steeples Project aims to create flexible multi-use events/assembly spaces for public and private use, while preserving the historic integrity of the structures.

Landmarks SGA was responsible for several key project elements including:

  • The assessment of historical and architectural contributing elements in support of a Historic Structure Report.

  • Preparation of select measured drawings of the structure.

  • Development of conservation management protocols.

  • Identification of code issues associated with a change of occupancy classification, including fire code implications on reuse activities.

  • Development of construction plans and specifications to provide ADA compliant facilities, including restrooms.

  • Submittal and presentation at the code review board.

  • Feasibility study for the acquisition of adjacent property to expand the use of the site, including creating outdoor public space to support events inside.

  • Cost estimating.

Adaptive Reuse Plans for Historic Churches

2013 - Present

1901 Church Inc.

Adaptive Reuse, Condition Assessment, Sustainability & Resiliency

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