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Rocky Bend Blending Barn Construction Complete!

And that’s a wrap! Landmarks SGA recently provided design and construction administration services for the adaptive reuse of the Rocky Bend Blending Barn in Potter Township, Pennsylvania. Having previously completed a conditions report, site master plan, and construction documents for the Rocky Bend Nature Preserve, the construction for the Blending Barn was the next step. The Blending Barns located on site are two of the few remaining structures which were original to the Potter Aviation Fuel Tank Farm. As part of a larger master plan initiative, the structural and condition assessment was performed to determine the feasibility of rehabilitating and adaptively reusing the structures. Stemming from this examination, Landmarks SGA also developed conceptual plans and renderings for a larger, more highly developed zone at the heart of the park which would serve the needs of both general park users and the Independence Conservancy.

It was determined from the report that Blending Barn number 1 had the potential to be converted into a significant element for the park’s program and is far more intact than Blending Barn number 2. It was decided that the best course was to rehabilitate the structure as a pavilion and storage facility for the park. The lower level of the blending barn will be used as a secure storage facility and the upper level will be an open-air pavilion with a new, accessible entry path for all visitors. Construction was completed late December and we are looking forward to getting out there this spring to take advantage of the trails and new park pavilion!


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